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So I saw Sloan for approximately the thirtieth(!?!) time on Saturday… - fax machine anthems [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 23rd, 2007|02:30 am]
So I saw Sloan for approximately the thirtieth(!?!) time on Saturday night at St. Andrew's Hall...

Despite the fact that their latest album still hasn't given me any great hope of a flashback to their musical prime anytime soon, you can almost always count on them to put on a good show regardless. And good it was...

The full gallery Trace put up is HERE

The gallery is a little heavier on the Patrick and Andrew side since she has a thing for them, of course. Hah.

Of note also, for some reason this particular show became some sort of mini Sloan-con event when a small posse of folks from the Sloan Message Board decided to attend. I was one of them (seeing as how I currently host the board) but didn't really participate. For the most part, I just devil horned them from afar since I am too shy. Hah.

Afterwards we were at the 7-11 in Wixom getting some Slurpees. Tracey noticed that one of the purple looking flavours had a plain white piece of paper over it instead of a label, and scrawled on it in black ink was the word "BAWLS". At the time it seemed like it was most likely the work of a prankster but upon researching, it turns out it's actually a quite real name for an over caffeinated beverage. How retarded.

[User Picture]From: dirtyjazz
2007-01-23 12:53 pm (UTC)

yeah we should meet up with those gals (and guy s ?) sometime if they'll have us. road triiiiiiiiip!
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[User Picture]From: dirtyjazz
2007-01-23 12:55 pm (UTC)
told you it was the best spot for pics (besides being RIGHT up front) no idiots heads in the way :rock:
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[User Picture]From: dirtyjazz
2007-01-23 12:56 pm (UTC)
looks like they played a show just for ME
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[User Picture]From: yupislyr
2007-01-25 09:15 am (UTC)
Ohhh Trace
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