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[Sep. 5th, 2007|02:21 am]
So way back on August 10th, I got a call at 9am from my manager asking me to go to Alberta for two weeks to help them out there because, what with the labour shortages, they were short handed and needed help to fulfill some customer commitments. Seeing as how I don't really travel much, other than for random road trips, I said yes to their request. Next thing I know, that Sunday I'm on a jet to Calgary.

I made sure I was prepared with my camera and actually used it (although I've realized I should have probably invested in a polarizing filter). Typically I bring my camera all over the place but don't really end up using it much. I must've ended up taking around 1000 pictures and about 5 videos this time though. Thankfully, good ol' Photoshop made some of them actually acceptable in the end. Hah.

Even though Alberta seemed to have an hour plus more daylight than Windsor and I was there for a whole two weeks, this still didn't leave as much time as I would've liked to actually go off and see and do things. I did work a good deal of the time, mostly during the day, but I did have some time off. So it turned out to be a whirlwind of work, followed by trying to see some sights before it got too dark out. Sometimes I had planned things out the night before although as you might be able to tell from the map below, some of it was just randomly picking seemingly interesting routes. And hey, it was all on the company dime so either way, win-win.

More or less a map of my travels...

And the unofficial theme song of my trip, "Like Killers" (WMA/MP3) by Hot Little Rocket. This was due to the fact that the van the company supplied me with was of the cargo variety and thus, had only a cassette player. :/ So much for all my CDs I brought. And the flights there and back would've been the only time I actually needed an mp3 player, seeing as how I've never cared to purchase one of those before either. Oh well. I was able to find the local campus stations though.


Like I said, I took a small mountain of photos, but there's only a medium sized pile that I'll actually share. And I'll spare everyone by spreading the posts out or something. So folks, please bear with me for the next however many weeks. Hah...

Welcome to Oil Country. This is what I found in lieu of a real phone book in the hotel in Red Deer.

Edmonton Skyline

Was wondering how the Tiger's were doing back home

Edmonton was really nice. Awesome parks with paths and walkways all over. It was a shame I didn't have a bike with me. I took these skyline photos while walking amongst the trails.

Tried to take a nice night skyline shot from the High Level Bridge, but it didn't work out very well. I just didn't have enough room to pack a tripod.

There's a waterfall that was installed as an art installation on the bridge, but it's only active on holiday weekends apparently.

A cloudy view from the Shunda Viewpoint.

I was driving around near Red Deer and would see signs for a place called "Rocky Mountain House". That certainly sounded interesting. Well, it wasn't really. But once you got past it, things did get interesting though. Unfortunately, my first stop at the Shunda Viewpoint didn't turn out all that great. You could get a hint that the valley did indeed afford a great view, but not with all the clouds in the way. Things would get better as I progressed down the David Thompson Highway though.

That'll be continued next time...