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[Sep. 17th, 2007|02:33 am]
So, as I was saying, the weather wasn't looking all that great but I continued on down the David Thompson Highway towards the Rockies. The highway was quickly getting lonelier, with mostly just recreational vehicles here and there to be seen. Once I actually got into the Rockies though, the weather quickly began to look up...

Mt. Michener looking sort of eerie from the eastern end of Lake Abraham.

I think this was part of Ex Coelis Mountain along the Kootenay Plains

Eventually I arrived where I planned to hike. First we had to cross a wobbly suspension bridge over the North Saskatchewan River.

Closer view of individual peaks on Ex Coelis Mountain

After a good hike, I eventually came upon Siffleur Falls. It was actually kind of annoying hiking along the way to the falls. There were old people going two miles an hour, people's dogs barking at each other, and bratty kids screaming. Oh well.

Various shots along the Siffleur River gorge. Barely anyone else bothered to actually go beyond the falls and on to this part of the trail thankfully. The trail here was more of a wilderness trail and wasn't as defined. There was supposed to be two more sets of falls somewhere ahead but I decided to give up and turn back when I came to another river crossing. The last pic is a stitched photo.

The steeps slopes of the Siffleur Canyon on the trek back to my vehicle.

This was the more popular and easy part of the trail that led up to the falls (although I'm actually heading back at to the highway at the time of this photo). After that the trail became more climbing and hopping over fallen trees and what not.

Ex Coelis Mountain again while crossing over the Siffleur River on the way back.

By now the weather was starting to look kind of iffy, and there was a light drizzle, so I made it back just in time. The latter pic is looking west towards Banff Park. I, unfortunately, had to head back east towards Red Deer, and eventually Calgary.

The turquoise waters of man made Lake Abraham.

I also tried to stitch together some panorama type pics. Click on thumbs for larger...